Inspired by a real life challenge our founder faced, The Prima Ballerina was created to be a reminder that you CAN overcome and to encourage others to be strong, to never give up and to never stop dreaming.


Everyone has a giant, a crisis, a mountain, or a wall to climb. Come join our Prima Ballerina Discord where you’ll find a unique community centered around uplifting and encouraging one another. A place to share challenges, victories, self care tips, health and wellness advice and more a long the way!


You can read our founder’s story on our Discord!


The Prima Ballerina is a unique set of collections of our Prima Ballerina NFTs, unified on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721. We have worked hard to create something unique, beautiful and special. Each outfit and accessory has been meticulously hand drawn and sculpted by our team and our artist.


Our first limited collection we are making available is Prima Couture – The Four Seasons

This set is our “darling” series of hand picked couture outfits, accessories, jewelry and makeup that accents the four seasons. 

Cost 0.8 ETH


We hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them!


Giving Back…

  • Our first priority will be to completely renovate and add on to an orphan care center that’s close to our heart in Malawi, Africa.


  • Secondly we will be donating to and partnering with the local studio where the creator of this collection earned her pointe shoes.


  • We will provide Releve scholarships for up and coming ballet students to participate in summer intensive ballet training programs. (We can’t wait to be able to do this!)




Minting will begin soon and will be available on OpenSea.

It is highly recommended to use the link from our website to access our collection on OpenSea.





The Prima Couture is the first in a series of “Prima” collections.


The second collection… to be announced.